Peace of mind shouldn’t come at a price. With the upgraded 25/15 Channel, the only risk-free solution on the market, it doesn’t…

Incorrectly installing a brick tie channel can lead to more than an invalid warranty. It can threaten the integrity of your entire project.

Having worked as a proactive partner to those in the masonry sector for many years, we’re no strangers to redeveloping market-leading products to tackle concerns like these, and that’s precisely what we did with the high-strength 25/15 Channel.

After discussing the product with several valued customers, we discovered that some contractors were regularly fitting tek screws into any hole along the channel instead of the smaller holes as per manufacturing instructions.

This meant the channel was not being fixed in accordance with test data, thereby invalidating all warranties and, worst still, calling the integrity of the entire project into question.


The All-New 25/15 Channel

Challenge understood, we focused our attention on upgrading the existing channel to eliminate any risk during and after the installation process:


  • Contractors can now fix a tek screw through any hole within the channel, meaning it can no longer be incorrectly installed.
  • This also means that the warranty cannot be invalidated and the project cannot be compromised due to incorrect installation.
  • A risk-free solution gives ultimate peace of mind to installers, main contractors and anyone involved in the project.
  • With double the number of holes (every 55mm centres), contractors now also have more fixing options than ever before, giving greater versatility to a project.

Thanks to these transformative changes, we can confidentially say that no other competitor has a product like the fully tested 25/15 Channel.

In addition to being the only risk-free solution on the market, it’s also the only channel that requires just 8 fixings when installed to a Type 1 panel design, saving you money and labour on site.

Better yet, when ordered through Grayson, we guarantee:

  • Stable pricing for the next 9 months, helping you stay in control of your budget
  • The channel will be available for immediate delivery
  • Access to a full range of stainless-steel concrete screws (100mm – 300mm) and tek screws
  • GRP Compression Sleeves so as not to affect U-Values

For more details on the 25/15 Channel or any of Grayson’s other masonry metalwork products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.