ACS 3000

ACS 3000: One Frame Cramp for multiple applications

When completing a construction project, purchasing multiple frame cramps for various structures and substrates can add time and unnecessary complexity to a process that should be straightforward.

So, what if we told you that we supply our customers with one frame cramp that can fulfil a range of applications on-site?


The ACS 3000 Range Tie is a truly universal frame cramp purposefully designed with ease of use in mind.

Made of high-grade austenitic stainless steel, this multi-purpose tie has been independently tested and shown to be inherently stronger than the traditional style cramps available on the market today.


Purposefully Designed

This multi-purpose frame cramp is a conventionally fixed tie that incorporates several unique design features.

These features make for a versatile and high load-bearing solution to building stability.

One Frame Cramp

One Frame Cramp (1)

A Product You Can Trust

Having a unique and purposefully designed product means nothing if it hasn’t been thoroughly tested and certified as reliable.


With the ACS 3000 Range Tie, you can be sure you’re purchasing a high-quality product that has met the following approvals and standards:


> BS EN 846-6 (load capacity)

When tested in accordance with BS EN 846-6 for the determination of tensile and compressive load capacity, the frame cramp has an impressive, declared load capacity of 1.0kN (at the lowest point of the slot).


> Lucideon Tested (dynamic Stiffness)

Tests performed at Lucideon proved that the 3000 Range Tie has a measured dynamic stiffness of 8.8MN/m3 in a 100mm cavity. Therefore, it is classed as a Type B tie in line with the guidance of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.


Additional approvals and standards include:

  • Independently tested at Sheffield University’s Civil and Structural Engineering Department and shown to be inherently stronger than the traditional style cramps available today
  • BS EN 845-1 compliant
  • CE marked (EN 845-1)


For more details on the ACS 3000 Range Tie or any of Grayson’s other masonry metalwork products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.