Arc Fire Stop Slab

Graysons – Proud suppliers of ARC’s high-density Fire Stop Slabs

ARC’s High-Density Fire Stop Slabs


With the industry’s continuing focus on fire safety, there’s never been a more important time to ensure that you are equipped with high-quality fire-separating elements.

Here at Graysons, we work hard alongside our strong supplier network to ensure that all our fire safety products meet building requirements – and it’s no different for the ARC Fire Stop Slab.

Manufactured from high-density rockfibre mineral wool and reinforced aluminium foil facing, these slabs provide up to 2 hours fire integrity within external masonry walls and offer excellent resistance to smoke.

Flexible application

  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications within masonry walls
  • Ideal for use at separating floor levels
  • Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm
  • Can be easily cut to required size on site

Easy installation

  • Bend Fixing Spike into an ‘L’ shape at the fold point
  • Fit Fixing Spike to the external surface of the inner leaf, using at least 2 fixing points to ensure maximum strength
  • Impale Fire Stop Slab onto the spike
  • Compression fit is not essential, but a snug fit is required

Graysons Arc Fire Stop Slab single V2 Diagrams

Significant fire and smoke protection

  • Independently tested and certified at Warrington Fire Research
  • Up to 2 hours fire integrity with traditional masonry brick and block construction
  • Fire classification of Euroclass A1 for rockfibre mineral wool
  • Manufactured to NHBC requirements and holds LABC accreditations


For more details on the ARC Fire Stop Slab or Grayson’s other fire safety products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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