Grayson’s sustainability pledge: Here’s to a greener future

Grayson’s sustainability pledge: Here’s to a greener future

It’s not just our logo that’s green here at Grayson! Over the last few years, we’ve been busy mapping out and implementing significant and tangible steps to help us become the greenest supplier in our sector, including reducing our waste, opting for green energy and working with our partners to reduce their carbon.

As part of our sustainability and environmental policy, we’ve even set the ambitious goal of becoming truly ‘Carbon Neutral’ by the 1st of May 2024, which we are well on track to achieve.

How is Grayson embracing sustainability?

We already hold ISO14001 for our environmental management systems (EMS) and operate our quality management systems to ISO9001, but we know we can do more.

Within the next 12 months, we’re making some crucial changes which will enable us to be carbon neutral. In fact, we’ve already started implementing some environmentally positive practices.

At the Grayson head office, we’ve installed solar panels to generate our own electricity, and we’ll use this green solar energy to charge our electric vehicles, company fleet vehicles and forklift trucks.

We’re also in the process of taking other climate-friendly steps, all of which align with science-based targets and the UK Government’s targets for Carbon Reduction Planning.

These include:

  • Fitting electric charging points for vehicles
  • Switching our company fleet vehicles to electric (or at least hybrid)
  • Switching to electric forklift trucks
  • Installing electric storage batteries to bank our own electricity
  • Avoiding the use of natural gas-powered heating
  • Working closely with our partners to reduce their own carbon
  • Eliminating environmental waste and embedding recycling

Our actions are being managed under PAS2060, which is the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality. Once our efforts have been audited and verified by an independent third party, we’ll be awarded the prestigious BSI Kitemark™ for carbon neutrality.

It really is an exciting time here at Grayson! Watch this space for updates on our progress or reach out to our team to learn more about our carbon neutrality and ‘Net Zero’ commitments.

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Grayson & ACS Sign New Four-Year Exclusive Distribution Deal

Grayson & ACS Sign New Four-Year Exclusive Distribution Deal

Grayson (GB) Ltd have become ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd‘s sole UK distributor for Wall Ties and standard products for a period of four years.

This mutually beneficial trading agreement was signed by both managing directors David Flannery and Tony Higson and will cement the business partnership up to 2027.

Grayson will now become the primary vehicle to deliver ACS’s standard product range to market; allowing ACS to focus on their core bespoke ranges (Masonry Support, Brick Slip Solutions, Lintels, Windposts, Cavity Trays etc).

All existing end-user pricing agreements will be honoured, and ACS’s contracting clients will have the option to procure from both businesses under mirrored pricing arrangements, therefore giving end-users an increased choice in their procurement strategies.

Tony Higson commented, “Today, over 95% of Wall Ties in the UK are procured via distribution. It’s clear that contractors need their Wall Ties to arrive with their DPC’s, Cavity Barriers, Weep Vents, Air Bricks, Expansionthene etc., allowing them to immediately start their facing brickwork without hassle or delay. This new strategy embraces this concept.

David Flannery added, “Those customers that still wish to buy direct from the manufacturer are totally free to do so. End-users will enjoy exactly the same rates as before. The price will be identical, only the offering will be different. Now the customer has the real choice they craved.

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Five Year Tri-Party Exclusive Trading Agreement Signed With Rawlplug

Five Year Tri-Party Exclusive Trading Agreement Signed With Rawlplug

Grayson (GB) LtdACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd and Rawlplug UK have signed a five-year exclusive agreement to develop and supply a new range of OEM fixings.

The document was formally signed by the three business’s Managing Directors, Pietro GrandessoDavid Flannery and Tony Higson.

The trading agreement will facilitate the production of a range of new and unique fixings that will be incorporated into future ACS and Grayson products.

Tony Higson commented, “Many of the fixings we require for our future products don’t actually exist. Those that do are often too low in performance to incorporate. It’s therefore essential that we collaborate with a market-leading fixing and component manufacturer like Rawlplug to develop new ranges of high-performance products“.

For over one hundred years, Rawlplug has been regarded as one of the world’s most recognisable and trusted British brands. We are proud to partner our manufacturing heritages in the research and development of exciting new products.


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Grayson’s going GREEN(ER)

Grayson’s going GREEN(ER)

Introducing the 100% recyclable mortar board

Did you know that the Construction, Demolition, and Excavation (CDE) industry is responsible for 59% of all waste generated here in the UK?

And of the 119 million tonnes of construction waste heading for UK landfills this year alone, hundreds of tonnes will be made up of single-use timber mortar boards.

Here at Grayson, we want to help build a GREENER and more sustainable construction industry, and what better place to start than by introducing the most environmentally friendly mortar board on the market…


Now FREE with any brickwork sundry or consumable stock order*!

Grayson Green

A simple concept, re-imagined

Besides the environmental benefits, we wanted to offer our customers a mortar board designed specifically for its intended purpose.

That’s why the Aluminium Mortar G Board has –

  • No sharp edges or corners, which means no splinters
  • Raised edges for mortar retention
  • Integrated carry handle and storage hook for ease

It is also –

  • Non-combustible and shatterproof
  • Bright lime green to limit trip hazards
  • Independently tested
  • Used and trusted by the UK’s largest contractors


And, perhaps best of all, the recycled aluminium material doesn’t suck water from mortar, meaning you’re less likely to waste dried-out mortar.



If you would like to help us develop these early prototype products, contact your account manager today on 08448 50 40 50.

We will happily let you try one for FREE with any brickwork sundry or consumable stock order*.


*Minimum spend applies


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Win VIP tickets to see Stormzy

Win VIP tickets to see Stormzy

Existing clients, you know the score. New clients, listen in.

Record-breaking rapper and Glastonbury headliner Stormzy is performing at Sheffield Arena on Friday 18th March 2022, and we’re giving you the chance to win tickets for our exclusive VIP box.

Prize includes:

  • 2 VIP tickets Hotel accommodation
  • Food and drinks throughout the evening
  • Event transfers

To enter

For every £500 worth of goods purchased with us, you will receive an automatic entry into the prize draw, so place an order now for your chance to win!*

Contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50 for further details. Good luck!

*Spend £500 in one order between now and the 28th February 2022 and you’ll be entered automatically into the draw. Every new order of £500 means a new entry. The winner will be selected at random and notified in writing on 1st March 2022. No cash alternative prize available.

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Grayson (GB) Ltd Launch New Revolutionary Type 1 Wall Tie

Grayson (GB) Ltd Launch New Revolutionary Type 1 Wall Tie

Grayson (GB) Ltd are launching an innovative new tie that is an ultra-safe 2-in-1 cavity tie and movement tie. The tie boasts a range of new features to make this the most advanced wall tie on the market.

One of the main safety features is that the rounded edges of the tie are smooth to touch compared to other ties on the market. Another safety feature is the smoother underside to the holes without a cheese-grater effect.

The low profile embedment ends provides a number of additional benefits. Firstly, it allows other products like bed joint reinforcement or mesh to be placed in the cavity at the same time. The main benefit of the flat ends are that the 200mm and 225mm are fully debondable so the cavity tie can be transformed into a movement tie – just add a debonding sleeve onto one end of the tie.

The 2-in-1 benefits of this product have space saving advantages on site because one tie can be used for 2 applications. There is also less product wastage because leftover ties can be transferred to different jobs.

New Tie embedment

Another great feature of the tie is the embedment markings. There is a line marked at 62.5mm which is the recommended embedment of a tie. This feature was suggested in the Cole report after the Scottish School failures. The embedment markings allow checks to be carried out to ensure the ties are installed correctly, which provides benefit to all.

Our new 2000 Range Tie is a Type 1 Cavity Tie conforming to PD6697. It is Class A1 Fire Rated Stainless Steel which makes it ideal for non-combustible cavity requirements. The advanced contours of the new tie provide advanced moisture dissipation.

The 2000 Range Tie is now available in lengths of 325mm and 350mm as standard, without the need to place a special order.

The new tie is now available. To be the first to get the new tie, contact Grayson on 08448 50 40 50.


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