Extra-long cavity wall ties

Extra-long cavity wall ties

As the materials used within cavity walls continue to change in response to new and updated building regulations, so too does the size of the cavities themselves.

Over the years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in demand for longer cavity ties here at Grayson, which is why we stock Type 1 ties in 325mm and 350mm as standard.

These extra-long cavity wall ties, made of high-grade austenitic stainless steel, provide our customers with a high load-bearing solution to building stability and are available for next day delivery.

Expertly engineered

The 2000 Range Wall Tie, which includes the extra-long 325mm and 350mm sizes, has been expertly engineered by ACS to be sufficiently safer than all other formed ties on the market today.

What’s more, the manufacturers have incorporated a range of other innovative design features to aid the installation process:

2000 Range Wall Tie

Additional benefits include:

  • An integrated drip feature that provides advanced water and moisture dissipation, even in angles of up to 5°.
  • The product is fire-rated Class A1, making it ideal for non-combustible cavity requirements.


Do I need extra-long cavity ties?

With the England and Wales Building Regulations* now allowing for cavities up to 300mm in width, it’s no surprise that increased cavity sizes are becoming more prevalent in the industry.

*Approved Document A, Table 5, Cavity Wall Ties

1. Where face insulated blocks are used the cavity width should be measured from the face of the masonry unit.
2. The embedment depth of the tie should not be less than 50mm in both cases.
3. For cavities wider than 175mm calculate the length as the nominal cavity width plus 125mm and select the nearest stock length. For wall ties requiring embedment depths in excess of 50mm, increase the calculated tie length accordingly.

Based on the latest regulations, our extra-long wall ties are best suited to projects where two masonry walls are separated by a nominal cavity width of at least 176mm.

For further details on the extra-long 2000 Range Wall Tie or any of Grayson’s other masonry metalwork products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Futureproof your build with the UK’s first fire-rated sealing system

Futureproof your build with the UK’s first fire-rated sealing system

The inclusion of fire safety measures in the early stages of a construction project is one of the most effective ways to minimise fire risks and protect lives. This includes using high-performing fire-rated membranes to seal vulnerable interfaces like windows, balcony doors, and parapets.

At Grayson, we supply several quality membranes and adhesive pastes that when used together, provide stability and integrity in case of a fire.


The Grayson fire protection range

The flexible fire-rated membranes are used for sealing interfaces on construction projects. Made from coated glass fibre, they provide a strong bond to most common building substrates when used alongside the suitable adhesive pastes.

Depending on the building regulations that apply to your unique construction project, we supply two ranges that achieve different fire classifications:

two ranges that achieve different fire classifications

Beyond combustibility

The durability of a building depends on more than just fire resistance. When building for both safety and longevity, it’s essential to use fire-safety products that also consider:

  • The movement of air
  • The movement of moisture
  • The effects of UV radiation

In addition to its high fire classification, these systems also provide an airtight and weathertight seal and high UV resistance. This makes it a quality alternative to standard EPDM membranes, which can degrade under solar UV radiation.


For further details on the Grayson fire-rated sealing system or Grayson’s other fire safety products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Protect against wind-driven rain with the BBA approved expanding foam tape

Protect against wind-driven rain with the BBA approved expanding foam tape

When it comes to sealing window reveals and other construction joints, traditional methods like sealant and backer rods often fail to sufficiently protect against wind-driven rain.

Here at Grayson, proof of performance has always been of the utmost importance to us, which is why we stock only BBA approved expanding foam tape that meets the stringent requirements of DIN standards.

Designed specially for sealing construction joints in buildings up to 100m high, this versatile and vapour permeable tape protects against wind, dust, and driving rain up to 600 Pa (equivalent to wind force 11).


Versatile application


The Grayson expanding foam tape is available in 8 different thicknesses, meaning it can sufficiently seal and protect joints that range from 1mm to 42mm in size.

This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including sealing joints in areas such as:

  • Door and window installations (including skylights)
  • Steel and timber-framed buildings
  • Prefabricated concrete
  • Modular constructions
  • Cladding panels and curtain walling

Once applied, this self-adhesive and pre-compressed foam expands into the cavity gap, creating an effective seal. At 0% compression, it is suitable for debris sealing. At 75% compression, it can protect from 70mph wind-driven rain.


Well-designed means high standards


Despite being designed predominantly as an elastic weather seal, the advantages of the Grayson expanding foam tape extend beyond driving rain protection.


This includes:

  • Fire-resistance – The material is impregnated with fire-resistant polymeric dispersion
  • Warmth and sound – The tape possesses outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics
  • Longevity – Permanent elasticity means a long-term life expectancy

All of these unique design qualities make for a product that complies with the most stringent of requirements, including:

  • DIN 18542 edition 2009 DIN 18055
  • ISO 9001
  • CE-Certified

For more details on our expanding foam tape, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Coloured Timloc Airbricks: Ventilation that blends in no matter the project

Coloured Timloc Airbricks: Ventilation that blends in no matter the project

Coloured Timloc Airbricks

Obstructed airflow within hollow floors can wreak havoc on timber joists and floorboards, particularly in the winter when rooms cool and central heating kicks in.

As with all condensation-related problems, ventilation is the only treatment.

With the Timloc Combination Airbrick, you can create clear airflow passages to these void spaces and significantly reduce further moisture by preventing the entry of wind-driven rain.

Sold in a range of colours, this robust, durable, and decay-resistant solution is available in large stocks here at Grayson.


Unique Design Benefits

The Timloc Combination Airbrick has been designed with several unique features and subsequent benefits. Whilst the stepped front grille provides unobstructed airflow and prevents the ingress of water, the integral ‘clip together’ facility allows multiple bricks to be stacked to form 9” x 6” and 9” x 9” sizes.

This is hugely beneficial where larger than average ventilation is required, such as in large residential homes and period industrial and commercial premises.

The airbrick is also available in multiple colours, meaning it can blend in with a range of brick types across a range of projects. This includes:

Coloured Timloc Airbricks

Versatile Uses

The versatility of the combination airbrick extends beyond vent size and brick colour.

When used in conjunction with cavity sleeves, it provides natural air ventilation through external walls to a building interior.

Alternatively, when used with the Timloc Telescopic Underfloor Airvent (which can be adjusted vertically between three and five brick courses), it can also be used to ventilate below suspended ground floors.


Quality Standards

  • 6.5mm wide front grille opening complies with BS 5440 Pt 2 and British Gas requirements
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations and meets all relevant British Standards
  • Equivalent area marking to the front face is compliant with BS EN 13141-1:2004


For more details on our stock of Timloc Combination Airbricks and Telescopic Underfloor Airvents, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Protect your construction site this winter with Hessian Roll and TPS

Protect your construction site this winter with Hessian Roll and TPS

Freezing temperatures and wet weather can spell disaster for construction sites.

When the tiny fissures in unprotected bricks absorb water and then freeze, this causes pressure to build and larger cracks to form – essentially ruining these materials.

Wasted materials not only means more money spent on replacements but (after months of repeatedly low temperatures and rainfall) it can also leave a damaging effect on your timelines and client relations too.

The Hessian Roll is essential for any construction workers or bricklayers working throughout the winter months, as it can be used to protect new brickwork, mortar, and concrete from harsh weather conditions.

Here at Grayson, we stock 100% natural and biodegradable Hessian Rolls as well as clear Temporary Protective Sheeting (TPS), so you can be sure to help keep your build schedules on track.

Ensure effective protection this winter with Hessian

The benefits of stocking Hessian Roll on your construction site are vast.

  • It offers effective protection by insulating against the cold and reducing the absorption of water and ice
  • It massively reduces the cost and time it would take to replace any damaged materials
  • It’s ideal for both internal and external works
  • It’s easy-to-cut on-site and fully biodegradable

The beauty of Hessian also lies in its versatility. If you overstock in the winter months, excess rolls can be utilised in the summer to protect your mortar from the effects of direct sunlight and humidity.

Did you know we stock TPS too?

Like Hessian, TPS is a temporary protection material suitable for most internal and external applications, from flooring to vertical fixtures and fittings.

Manufactured using 100% recycled LDPE, this durable sheeting can cover large areas and protects against dust, dirt, spillages, and showers.

It is also…

  • Easy-to-cut and tailor-fit
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Ideal for draping, screening, covering or hanging

For more details on our stock of Hessian Rolls or TPS, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Fixing you up with an extensive accessory range

Fixing you up with an extensive accessory range

Here at Grayson, we are relied upon by contractors throughout the UK and Ireland for more than just our extensive range of large-scale consumable products.

We are their number one choice for smaller accessories and fixings too. From screws and anchors to diamond blades and drill bits, our high-quality fixings and accessories range is made up of key manufacturers like Rawl and Fischer.

So, the next time you’re looking to re-fill your drill index and other storage boxes with reliable, leading brand construction accessories, think Grayson.

Grayson Accessories

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We supply the following items to complement your larger Grayson orders –


Fixings and Anchors

  • Heavy and Light Duty Anchors
    From shield and sleeve anchors to scaffold and hammer anchors, we have a range of options to suit your construction project.
  • Chemical Anchors and Resin
    We supply vinylester, polyester, and epoxy resin cartridges, alongside a variety of nozzles, pumps, and applicator guns.
  • Through Bolts
    All 3 material options available – A4 Stainless Steel, Hot-Dip Galvanised, and Electro Zinc Plated.
  • Tek Screws
    We have a variety of tek screw options, including heavy and light section screws, as well as timber to steel.
  • Concrete Screws
    Large and small diameter to suit your every need.

Power Tool Accessories

  • Diamond Blades
    Available in a range of sizes, from 4.5” up to 18”, and both general purpose and specialist.
  • Drill and Driver Bits
    Including SDS drill bits, HSS bits, and screwdriver bits, both Philips and Pozi.
  • Chisels
    SDS options are available, including flat, point and asphalt cutters, all of which are made from high-grade alloy steel.


For more details on any of our fixings and power tool accessories, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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