Air bricks to suit all buildings and regulations

Air bricks to suit all buildings and regulations

Mould and internal air pollution can have long-lasting and highly damaging effects on a building and its inhabitants, which is why adequate ventilation is a legal requirement as per the Approved Document Part F.

To ensure your structures remain mould free and compliant, we supply a diverse range of air bricks here at Grayson, from plastic to non-combustible.

For those wanting a non-combustible solution

Constructed from sheet steel, all of our non-combustible air brick solutions comply with the latest fire safety regulations in Approved Document B, can be built into external wall types during construction and are easy to connect to ducting.

When supplied without a powder coating, these air bricks provide an unbeatable classification of A1. When supplied with a powder coating, they achieve a classification of A2-s1, d0.

Other key features and benefits of non-combustible air brick systems include:

  • Available in a range of special paint finishes
  • High flow terminal designed for powered ventilation systems offering low resistance to airflow and high resistance to fire
  • Bezelled version for use with exterior cladding instead of brickwork
  • Performance tested to BS EN13141-2:2010
  • Available alongside a range of fire-rated accessories, including non-combustible ducting kits, grilles and weather louvres

For those wanting a plastic solution

The Timloc Air Brick is a robust ventilator ideal for use with cavity sleeves when ventilating through external walls and the 1201 and 1201XL telescopic underfloor ventilators when ventilating below suspended ground floors.

Manufactured by injection moulding in UV-stabilised polypropylene, the unique stepped front grille of this air brick provides unobstructed airflow and prevents the ingress of wind-driven rain, whilst the integral clips enable multiple air bricks to be stacked together to form 9″ x 6″ and 9″ x 9″ sizes.

Other key features and benefits of the Timloc Air Brick system include:

  • Available in a range of colours to blend in with various brick types
  • Very tough and robust
  • Durable and totally resistant to decay
  • Compliant with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (‘Ventilation for buildings’)
  • Meets all relevant British Standards, satisfies all NHBC requirements and complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Available alongside a range of purpose-made telescopic underfloor vent accessories, including three different extension sleeves (horizontal front, horizontal rear and vertical) and a duct adaptor

For further details on these air brick solutions, check out this video from Sales and Marketing Director Clare Spivey or contact your account manager directly on 08448 50 40 50.

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New! Stainless fixing for frame cramps

New! Stainless fixing for frame cramps

When ACS Stainless Steel developed the first fully de-bondable, multi-purpose frame cramp many years ago, it was praised for its revolutionary design. After all, it was the first and only frame cramp on the market that could operate as both a cavity tie and a movement tie.

Here at Grayson, we’ve always believed that this feature alone was enough to make the 3000 Range Frame Cramp the very best solution on the market. But now, thanks to another unique update to the product’s fixing, its position as a market-leading frame cramp has been well and truly solidified.

Upgraded fixing

In order to tie brickwork back to a masonry substrate, frame cramps have always required two separate fixing components: a stainless-steel screw and a plug. That is, until now.

The fixing of the frame cramp has been redesigned so that just one component is required: the Hex Head Abite Stainless Concrete Screw.

Now available here at Grayson for next day delivery, this updated fixing comes with three key benefits:

  • It’s quicker and easier to install as just one fixing component is required. This helps you to save time and money on site.
  • It’s entirely A1 non-combustible as there is no plastic plug, helping you stay one step ahead of frequently changing fire safety regulations.
  • It provides a 1kN load when installed in concrete.

Purposefully designed

If the thought of a simpler and faster installation process isn’t appealing enough, the 3000 Range Frame Cramp has several other unique design features which all help to make it the very best on the market today:

  • Multi-purpose – The product’s unique design means it can operate as both a cavity tie and a movement tie when partnered with a de-bonding sleeve. Once again, this means that fewer products are needed on site, making for a simpler installation process.
  • Integrated safety and drip features – The cramp’s formed section and the integrated drip features prevent water from crossing the cavity, whilst the smooth edges reduce the risk of workers cutting themselves during the build.
  • Advanced profile – The advanced punched and pressed profile of the cramp means it can withstand high loads due to its increased sectional properties. This slimmer profile also reduces thermal transfer across the cavity.
  • Slotted upstand – This provides vertical tolerance when fixing to the structure, thus reducing the likelihood of the cramp being bent on site to suit brickwork coursing.
  • Clearly defined embedment markings – The 3000 Range Frame Cramp includes clear embedment markings at 62.5mm to aid installation.

For further details on the 3000 Range Frame Cramp and the Hex Head Abite Stainless Concrete Screw, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Fire safety made simple with the ARC Spandrel Barrier

Fire safety made simple with the ARC Spandrel Barrier

With the construction industry’s continued focus on fire safety, it’s imperative to utilise high-quality fire-separating elements in every single project.

To simplify this process, ARC Building Solutions have developed an eight-part solution to prevent the spread of smoke and flames and provide an effective seal at the party wall between semi-detached and terraced houses.

One of the key components of this fire preventive solution is the ARC Spandrel Barrier, which works to prevent fire from spreading between the party wall blockwork and the spandrel panel by sealing the top of the party wall cavity.

Developed with leading academia at Leeds Beckett University, this fire-preventative product has been trialled with major housebuilders and is proven to elevate the quality of your build.

Unbeatable fire protection  

Manufactured using rockfibre mineral wool, which achieves a fire classification of Euroclass A1 and conforms to BS EN 13162, the highly reliable ARC Spandrel Barrier creates a fire and thermal break which can provide:

  • Up to four hours of fire integrity around the edge of the party wall
  • Up to one hour of fire integrity between the spandrel panel and blockwork

By effectively preventing the spread of flames and smoke for up to four hours, ARC’s market-leading Spandrel Barrier ensures unbeatable fire protection for your building and its future residents.

Market-leading in more ways than one

Beyond creating a reliable fire break at cavity walls, the design and manufacture of the ARC Spandrel Barrier also provides a range of other invaluable benefits, including:

Easy installation

The lower-density section of the barrier is fitted into a cavity with compression, whilst the higher-density section sits on top of the party wall. The spandrel panel is then positioned on top of the Spandrel Barrier, making for an easy and rapid installation process.

Minimal heat loss

As well as preventing the spread of fire, this Spandrel Barrier also minimises thermal bypass. With building regulations requiring the limitation of heat loss to the external environment, using a product that ensures good thermal performance is essential.

Achieving zero U-value

Through effective edge sealing of the cavities, the ARC Spandrel Barrier also helps achieve a zero U-value when used in conjunction with the ARC T-Barrier, helping any building to pass the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

Environmentally friendly

The materials used to make this Spandrel Barrier present no known threat to the environment, which means it is classed as ODP and GWP zero. The product has also been accredited A+ (the best environmental performance rating) by the Green Guide (which is part of the BRE Environmental Assessment Method).

For further details about ARC Spandrel Barriers or any of Grayson’s other fire-preventative products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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Tired of de-tangling wire ties? Use our tangle-free alternative

Tired of de-tangling wire ties? Use our tangle-free alternative

As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of cavity wall ties, with close connections to many of the country’s biggest house builders, we know a thing or two about these small yet vital metal ties.

Having spoken with many of our clients, we understand that de-tangling open-ended wire ties can take up vast amounts of your labourers’ time; time which can be wasted if the product is eventually thrown away. What’s more, the cardboard boxes that many ties are stored in can disintegrate when the weather (inevitably) takes a turn.

If you’ve grown tired of tangled ties and ruined boxes, it’s time to use the Grayson Tangle-Free Wire Ties, which offer a practical and cost-effective solution.

Why choose the Tangle-Free Wire Ties?

Suitable for masonry cavity walls, the Grayson Tangle-Free Wire Ties come in two variations: the Type 2 General Purpose Tie (for domestic houses and small commercial buildings of up to 15m) and the Type 4 Light Duty Tie (for domestic dwellings of up to 10m).

Both ties are available in multiple sizes (200mm-300mm) and are independently tested at Lucideon, so you can be sure you’re purchasing a trusted product with proven performance.

They also come with a range of other invaluable benefits:

  • Tangle-free – Unlike competitor products, the Grayson Tangle-Free Wire Ties have closed ends, meaning batches of ties cannot get tangled together. With no time wasted ‘de-tangling’ your ties, more time can be spent on the job at hand.
  • Incredibly safe – Besides being more practical, a closed-ended wire tie also makes the product much safer. That’s because there are no exposed ends to catch on passing items or people.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – The Grayson Tangle-Free Ties are not supplied in boxes as many wire ties are. Instead, they’re tied together in a tight, cardboard-free bundle. This provides a more environmentally friendly solution with very little waste and no disintegrating packaging in inclement weather.

For further details on the Grayson Tangle-Free Wire Ties or any of our other masonry metalwork products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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If you’re not using the complete Visqueen DPC system, your system isn’t warranted

If you’re not using the complete Visqueen DPC system, your system isn’t warranted

Whilst the innumerable benefits of the Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible DPC are indisputable, many contractors remain unaware that this product must be used in conjunction with genuine Visqueen system components.

Only when all five components are installed together will contractors receive a durability statement that covers the products for the entire life of the structure.

With new industry regulations being passed regularly and the implications of failing to meet these new standards becoming greater, investing in a fully warranted system has never been so important.

Why risk non-compliance?

When you use the genuine Visqueen DPC alongside inferior, ‘non-Visqueen’ components, you’re risking more than just quality and reliability. You’re also placing your trust in an unwarranted and often non-compliant system.

To guarantee product performance, structural durability and peace of mind, you must be using all Visqueen DPC components together.

This includes:

Ask us about the complete Visqueen DPC system.

To learn more about the benefits of installing Visqueen’s complete range of high-quality and fully compliant damp proofing products, all of which will remain effective for the entire lifetime of the wall structure, speak with your account manager today on 08448 50 40 50.

*In accordance with applicable British Standard codes of practice, Visqueen’s installation recommendations and agreed construction details. 

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Peace of mind shouldn’t come at a price. With the upgraded 25/15 Channel, the only risk-free solution on the market, it doesn’t…

Peace of mind shouldn’t come at a price. With the upgraded 25/15 Channel, the only risk-free solution on the market, it doesn’t…

Incorrectly installing a brick tie channel can lead to more than an invalid warranty. It can threaten the integrity of your entire project.

Having worked as a proactive partner to those in the masonry sector for many years, we’re no strangers to redeveloping market-leading products to tackle concerns like these, and that’s precisely what we did with the high-strength 25/15 Channel.

After discussing the product with several valued customers, we discovered that some contractors were regularly fitting tek screws into any hole along the channel instead of the smaller holes as per manufacturing instructions.

This meant the channel was not being fixed in accordance with test data, thereby invalidating all warranties and, worst still, calling the integrity of the entire project into question.


The All-New 25/15 Channel

Challenge understood, we focused our attention on upgrading the existing channel to eliminate any risk during and after the installation process:


  • Contractors can now fix a tek screw through any hole within the channel, meaning it can no longer be incorrectly installed.
  • This also means that the warranty cannot be invalidated and the project cannot be compromised due to incorrect installation.
  • A risk-free solution gives ultimate peace of mind to installers, main contractors and anyone involved in the project.
  • With double the number of holes (every 55mm centres), contractors now also have more fixing options than ever before, giving greater versatility to a project.

Thanks to these transformative changes, we can confidentially say that no other competitor has a product like the fully tested 25/15 Channel.

In addition to being the only risk-free solution on the market, it’s also the only channel that requires just 8 fixings when installed to a Type 1 panel design, saving you money and labour on site.

Better yet, when ordered through Grayson, we guarantee:

  • Stable pricing for the next 9 months, helping you stay in control of your budget
  • The channel will be available for immediate delivery
  • Access to a full range of stainless-steel concrete screws (100mm – 300mm) and tek screws
  • GRP Compression Sleeves so as not to affect U-Values

For more details on the 25/15 Channel or any of Grayson’s other masonry metalwork products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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