Taking fire safety seriously

Taking fire safety seriously

Recently the industry has demanded for 4 hour cavity fire socks to be installed in buildings. Previously 1 hour fire socks were standard practice. 

We always listen to and work towards customer requirements and now we only stock Arc standard socks which are 4 hour fire rated in masonry up to 150mm.

Why use 4 hour cavity fire socks as standard?

 Helps prevent loss of life
Allows emergency services more time to attend the fire
Delays the spread of fire to other compartments and neighbouring buildings
Minimises damage to buildings and contents

Why use Arc cavity fire socks?

 Independently tested and certified by Warrington Fire Research
  Datasheets available online
  Full traceability back to product batch

Arc cavity stop sock comparison

Arc standard cavity sock

Packed with non-combustible mineral wool insulation
Superior density provides resistance to breakage
Thicker than standard socks from other brands
Up to 4 hours fire rating up to 150mm
Up to 2 hours fire rating up to 300mm

Another brand standard cavity sock

Not as densely packed
Vulnerable to breakage from general impact before and during installation
1 hour fire rating up to 300mm

For more details contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50
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Long Length 325mm & 350mm Cavity Ties Now Available

Long Length 325mm & 350mm Cavity Ties Now Available

New Type 2 wall ties now stocked in long lengths as standard.

Increased cavity sizes are becoming more prevalent in the industry due to changes in building regulations. The materials used within cavities are changing and these materials require a larger cavity size, therefore there has been an increased demand for longer wall ties. We now stock Type 1 cavity ties in 325mm and 350mm as a standard to reduce waiting times for bespoke requests.

In addition to the longer length, the newly improved shape of the tie provides a range of added benefits:

  • Low profile embedment ends enable other items to be placed in the mortar bed for additional support, such as round wire ladder or mesh rolls.
  • Embedment markings at 62.5mm help aid correct positioning of the tie during installation.
  • Improved contours provide advanced water and moisture dissipation compared to other wall ties on the market. 

If you need long length wall ties for an upcoming project, contact your account manager for more information on 08448 50 40 50 to place an order

You can also view our complete range of wall ties here.

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Grayson (GB) Ltd Are Now A Stockist of Bekaert Products

Grayson (GB) Ltd Are Now A Stockist of Bekaert Products

Grayson (GB) Ltd are now working together with Bekaert to supply their market-leading construction products.

Murfor® Compact is a next-generation masonry reinforcement and it is now available to order from Grayson. It is made of a sturdy steel cord mesh that can be easily rolled out onto the masonry joints.

Depending on the application, there are two types of Murfor® Compact:
– Murfor® Compact I for masonry in dry, interior environments
– Murfor® Compact E for masonry that is exposed to the elements.

Installation benefits
● Can be easily rolled out onto the masonry joints
● Able to apply to a dry bed
● Can be folded around corners
● Less overlapping required
● Can be cut with snips on site

Masonry reinforcement made easy
→ Fast and simple installation
→ Efficient and durable crack control
→ Easy to stack and transport
→ Accommodates any wall width

Recommended usage:
● Murfor® Compact I-50 with a wall width of ≤ 130mm
● Murfor® Compact I-100 with a wall width of > 130mm < 200mm
● Use 2x Murfor® Compact I-50 with a wall width of ≥ 200mm
● Murfor® Compact E-35 with a wall width of 65 – 90mm
● Murfor® Compact E-70 with a wall width of ≥ 100mm

For more details on Murfor® Compact or Grayson’s other masonry reinforcement products contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50 or view our masonry reinforcement products here.

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Grayson launch G-Tray to combat government ban on combustible cavity trays

Grayson launch G-Tray to combat government ban on combustible cavity trays

Building Regulations have been amended to prohibit the use of combustible materials in the external walls of buildings over 18 metres that contain one or more dwellings; an institution; or a room for residential purposes – including student accommodation, care homes, sheltered housing, hospitals and dormitories in boarding schools. The new Approved Document sets out amendments to guidance previously published in Approved Document B: Fire safety, Volume 2 – Buildings other than dwellinghouses.

The Approved Document takes effect on 21 December 2018. Previous regulations will apply where a building notice or initial notice has been given or plans deposited with local authority before 21 December 2019. The new document states that the external walls should adequately resist the spread of fire over the walls/roof and from one building to another. It also states that all materials that become part of the external wall must be A2-s1, d0 or A1 classified.

Information on European classifications taken from BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009:

Class Definition
A1 Will not contribute in any stage of the fire, including the fully developed fire, or present a smoke hazard
To comply with The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018 an A2 product must have the highest classification of A2 (A2-s1, d0)
Will not significantly contribute to the fire load and fire growth in a fully developed fire, and further defined through “s” and “d” characteristics
The characteristics “s” for smoke and “d” for droplets are defined as:
s1 Weak or no smoke
s2 Medium smoke
s3 High smoke
d0 No flaming droplets/particles
d1 Slow dropping recorded
d2 High dripping recorded

There are some products/materials that are excluded from the new requirements, these include:

  • cavity trays when used between two leaves of masonry;
  • any part of a roof (other than any part of a roof which falls within paragraph (iv) of regulation 2(6)) if that part is connected to an external wall:
  • door frames and doors;
  • electrical installations;
  • insulation and water proofing materials used below ground level;
  • intumescent and fire stopping materials where the inclusion of the materials is necessary to meet the requirements of Part B of Schedule 1;
  • membranes;
  • seals, gaskets, fixings, sealants and backer rods; 
  • thermal break materials where the inclusion of the materials is necessary to meet the thermal bridging requirements of Part L of Schedule 1; or
  • window frames and glass.

The use of combustible cavity trays between an SFS inner and masonry outer leaf has been banned. To address the requirement for a non-combustible cavity tray, Grayson began work developing a product that provides the durability, resistance to stress, function and performance required for a cavity tray system.

Guidance taken from NHBC Standard Technical Requirement 3 advise that stainless steel is a suitable material for construction of cavity trays. Stainless steel is classified as A1 non-combustible therefore meeting the requirements of the NHBC and the amendment to the building regulations.

In July 2019 Grayson (GB) Ltd launched G-Tray™ – the world’s first stainless steel cavity tray – exclusively available via the Grayson branch network.

Because of its unique design and construction, G-Tray™ complies to both the new standards and all subsequent NHBC guidance notes. It is a tailor-made bespoke solution that is designed and manufactured to clients needs. Available in both grade 304 and grade 316 stainless steel G-Tray™ is suitable for both inland and coastal applications.

For more details on G-Tray™ or Grayson’s other fire rated construction products contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50

To read more about the regulation update visit:

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Are you meeting fire safety building regulations?

Are you meeting fire safety building regulations?

Installation of suitable fire stopping products is essential to minimise the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building. It is vital to follow building regulations to ensure new buildings are safe.

Fire barriers are a mandatory fire protection product to install. They are used to create sections in the building to contain fire – this means that when a fire breaks out, it can be contained in one section for a significant amount of time. This prevents it spreading to other areas of the property or neighbouring buildings. Containing a fire within one section provides more time for anyone in the building to safely escape and also to cause the least damage to the property and its contents.

Correct installation of fire barriers is crucial to ensure sections are completely sealed. Any gaps or misplacement will greatly hinder the product performance and put lives at risk. Fire barriers are particularly important for timber-frame buildings to ensure the combustible frame is protected from fire.

Grayson stock a range of fire protection products to suit your building requirements. Products include cavity stop socks, mastics, cavity closers and fire stop strips all available on next day delivery throughout the UK & Ireland. Contact our sales team on 08448 50 40 50 for more information or to get a free quotation.

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Grayson Become ACS’ New London & South East Regional Stockist

Grayson Become ACS’ New London & South East Regional Stockist

Grayson (GB) Ltd have been appointed as ACS’s new sole distributor for London and the South East of England.

ACS are the premier Wall Tie brand in Europe, with some of the most advanced products on the market. We are therefore extremely proud to have secured this exclusive deal with such a market leading manufacturer. The entire range of ACS standard product is stocked by Grayson and is available for immediate despatch.

Grayson offer a free of charge next day service to all clients in London and the South East of England. In addition, our own fleet of vehicles and large stocks enables us to offer emergency same day deliveries in ‘construction stopped’ situations.

Due to our increased buying power on masonry metalwork, our pricing structure is now the most competitive currently available in the UK. Coupled with our offering on waterproofing, ventilation, cavity closers and fixings, Grayson gives you the ultimate one stop shop for construction consumables.

If you’re keen to save money and time on your construction consumables contact our sales team now on 08448 87 13 91 or email at london@grayson-gb.com.

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