Introducing FireBlox™: The all-new cavity fire barrier tested for use with SFS

Introducing FireBlox™: The all-new cavity fire barrier tested for use with SFS

Grayson FireBlox™ is a brand-new non-ventilated cavity fire barrier that has been fully tested for use with Steel Framing Systems (SFS) and comes with a market-leading A1 fire rating.

Designed for use within external wall cavities of up to 600mm, the foil encapsulated Fireblox™ is suitable for a wide range of sector applications and on-site uses, including the junction of compartment floors and around openings.

What’s more, the product can also be supplied with an integral damp proof course, helping to save additional procurement and installation costs.

Robust fire resistance for up to 120 minutes

FireBlox™ has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it provides a high level of insulation while also preserving the integrity of the building structure in the event of a fire.

Thanks to the product’s class A rating, it provides up to 120 minutes of fire resistance when used within external cavity walls, and has been tested for use in conjunction with masonry support brackets.

Testing has also been carried out to ensure the effectiveness of FireBlox™ within SFS systems with calcium silicate fibre cement boards.

Easy installation

Alongside its versatility and high fire resistance, the FireBlox™ is also extremely easy to install, saving you on-site labour costs and helping you to avoid unnecessary delays to your project.

Whilst the exact installation process varies depending on the cavity size (and whether the product is installed vertically or horizontally), FireBlox™ comes in 605 x 1000 x 100mm deep slabs and requires only 5mm of compression when fitting. It can be easily cut to size on site to suit your cavity.

Best of all, installing the FireBlox™ doesn’t require any specialist equipment, simply:

  • A masonry drill and drill bits to suit the fixings
  • A screwdriver and stainless screws
  • A measuring tape
  • A saw or knife for cutting

Once installed, no active maintenance is required for the FireBlox™, providing peace of mind that the structure will stay protected in the event of a fire.

To find out more about FireBlox™, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.

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