Grayson Visqueen DPC

If you’re not using the complete Visqueen DPC system, your system isn’t warranted

Whilst the innumerable benefits of the Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible DPC are indisputable, many contractors remain unaware that this product must be used in conjunction with genuine Visqueen system components.

Only when all five components are installed together will contractors receive a durability statement that covers the products for the entire life of the structure.

With new industry regulations being passed regularly and the implications of failing to meet these new standards becoming greater, investing in a fully warranted system has never been so important.

Why risk non-compliance?

When you use the genuine Visqueen DPC alongside inferior, ‘non-Visqueen’ components, you’re risking more than just quality and reliability. You’re also placing your trust in an unwarranted and often non-compliant system.

To guarantee product performance, structural durability and peace of mind, you must be using all Visqueen DPC components together.

This includes:

Ask us about the complete Visqueen DPC system.

To learn more about the benefits of installing Visqueen’s complete range of high-quality and fully compliant damp proofing products, all of which will remain effective for the entire lifetime of the wall structure, speak with your account manager today on 08448 50 40 50.

*In accordance with applicable British Standard codes of practice, Visqueen’s installation recommendations and agreed construction details.