ARC Spandrel Barrier - Grayson

Fire safety made simple with the ARC Spandrel Barrier

With the construction industry’s continued focus on fire safety, it’s imperative to utilise high-quality fire-separating elements in every single project.

To simplify this process, ARC Building Solutions have developed an eight-part solution to prevent the spread of smoke and flames and provide an effective seal at the party wall between semi-detached and terraced houses.

One of the key components of this fire preventive solution is the ARC Spandrel Barrier, which works to prevent fire from spreading between the party wall blockwork and the spandrel panel by sealing the top of the party wall cavity.

Developed with leading academia at Leeds Beckett University, this fire-preventative product has been trialled with major housebuilders and is proven to elevate the quality of your build.

Unbeatable fire protection  

Manufactured using rockfibre mineral wool, which achieves a fire classification of Euroclass A1 and conforms to BS EN 13162, the highly reliable ARC Spandrel Barrier creates a fire and thermal break which can provide:

  • Up to four hours of fire integrity around the edge of the party wall
  • Up to one hour of fire integrity between the spandrel panel and blockwork

By effectively preventing the spread of flames and smoke for up to four hours, ARC’s market-leading Spandrel Barrier ensures unbeatable fire protection for your building and its future residents.

Market-leading in more ways than one

Beyond creating a reliable fire break at cavity walls, the design and manufacture of the ARC Spandrel Barrier also provides a range of other invaluable benefits, including:

Easy installation

The lower-density section of the barrier is fitted into a cavity with compression, whilst the higher-density section sits on top of the party wall. The spandrel panel is then positioned on top of the Spandrel Barrier, making for an easy and rapid installation process.

Minimal heat loss

As well as preventing the spread of fire, this Spandrel Barrier also minimises thermal bypass. With building regulations requiring the limitation of heat loss to the external environment, using a product that ensures good thermal performance is essential.

Achieving zero U-value

Through effective edge sealing of the cavities, the ARC Spandrel Barrier also helps achieve a zero U-value when used in conjunction with the ARC T-Barrier, helping any building to pass the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

Environmentally friendly

The materials used to make this Spandrel Barrier present no known threat to the environment, which means it is classed as ODP and GWP zero. The product has also been accredited A+ (the best environmental performance rating) by the Green Guide (which is part of the BRE Environmental Assessment Method).

For further details about ARC Spandrel Barriers or any of Grayson’s other fire-preventative products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.