Frame Cramp Fixing

New! Stainless fixing for frame cramps

When ACS Stainless Steel developed the first fully de-bondable, multi-purpose frame cramp many years ago, it was praised for its revolutionary design. After all, it was the first and only frame cramp on the market that could operate as both a cavity tie and a movement tie.

Here at Grayson, we’ve always believed that this feature alone was enough to make the 3000 Range Frame Cramp the very best solution on the market. But now, thanks to another unique update to the product’s fixing, its position as a market-leading frame cramp has been well and truly solidified.

Upgraded fixing

In order to tie brickwork back to a masonry substrate, frame cramps have always required two separate fixing components: a stainless-steel screw and a plug. That is, until now.

The fixing of the frame cramp has been redesigned so that just one component is required: the Hex Head Abite Stainless Concrete Screw.

Now available here at Grayson for next day delivery, this updated fixing comes with three key benefits:

  • It’s quicker and easier to install as just one fixing component is required. This helps you to save time and money on site.
  • It’s entirely A1 non-combustible as there is no plastic plug, helping you stay one step ahead of frequently changing fire safety regulations.
  • It provides a 1kN load when installed in concrete.

Purposefully designed

If the thought of a simpler and faster installation process isn’t appealing enough, the 3000 Range Frame Cramp has several other unique design features which all help to make it the very best on the market today:

  • Multi-purpose – The product’s unique design means it can operate as both a cavity tie and a movement tie when partnered with a de-bonding sleeve. Once again, this means that fewer products are needed on site, making for a simpler installation process.
  • Integrated safety and drip features – The cramp’s formed section and the integrated drip features prevent water from crossing the cavity, whilst the smooth edges reduce the risk of workers cutting themselves during the build.
  • Advanced profile – The advanced punched and pressed profile of the cramp means it can withstand high loads due to its increased sectional properties. This slimmer profile also reduces thermal transfer across the cavity.
  • Slotted upstand – This provides vertical tolerance when fixing to the structure, thus reducing the likelihood of the cramp being bent on site to suit brickwork coursing.
  • Clearly defined embedment markings – The 3000 Range Frame Cramp includes clear embedment markings at 62.5mm to aid installation.

For further details on the 3000 Range Frame Cramp and the Hex Head Abite Stainless Concrete Screw, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.