Futureproof your build with the UK’s first fire-rated sealing system

The inclusion of fire safety measures in the early stages of a construction project is one of the most effective ways to minimise fire risks and protect lives. This includes using high-performing fire-rated membranes to seal vulnerable interfaces like windows, balcony doors, and parapets.

At Grayson, we supply several quality membranes and adhesive pastes that when used together, provide stability and integrity in case of a fire.


The Grayson fire protection range

The flexible fire-rated membranes are used for sealing interfaces on construction projects. Made from coated glass fibre, they provide a strong bond to most common building substrates when used alongside the suitable adhesive pastes.

Depending on the building regulations that apply to your unique construction project, we supply two ranges that achieve different fire classifications:

two ranges that achieve different fire classifications

Beyond combustibility

The durability of a building depends on more than just fire resistance. When building for both safety and longevity, it’s essential to use fire-safety products that also consider:

  • The movement of air
  • The movement of moisture
  • The effects of UV radiation

In addition to its high fire classification, these systems also provide an airtight and weathertight seal and high UV resistance. This makes it a quality alternative to standard EPDM membranes, which can degrade under solar UV radiation.


For further details on the Grayson fire-rated sealing system or Grayson’s other fire safety products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.