Grayson & ACS Deal

Grayson & ACS Sign New Four-Year Exclusive Distribution Deal

Grayson (GB) Ltd have become ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd‘s sole UK distributor for Wall Ties and standard products for a period of four years.

This mutually beneficial trading agreement was signed by both managing directors David Flannery and Tony Higson and will cement the business partnership up to 2027.

Grayson will now become the primary vehicle to deliver ACS’s standard product range to market; allowing ACS to focus on their core bespoke ranges (Masonry Support, Brick Slip Solutions, Lintels, Windposts, Cavity Trays etc).

All existing end-user pricing agreements will be honoured, and ACS’s contracting clients will have the option to procure from both businesses under mirrored pricing arrangements, therefore giving end-users an increased choice in their procurement strategies.

Tony Higson commented, “Today, over 95% of Wall Ties in the UK are procured via distribution. It’s clear that contractors need their Wall Ties to arrive with their DPC’s, Cavity Barriers, Weep Vents, Air Bricks, Expansionthene etc., allowing them to immediately start their facing brickwork without hassle or delay. This new strategy embraces this concept.

David Flannery added, “Those customers that still wish to buy direct from the manufacturer are totally free to do so. End-users will enjoy exactly the same rates as before. The price will be identical, only the offering will be different. Now the customer has the real choice they craved.