Grayson's sustainability pledge

Grayson’s sustainability pledge: Here’s to a greener future

It’s not just our logo that’s green here at Grayson! Over the last few years, we’ve been busy mapping out and implementing significant and tangible steps to help us become the greenest supplier in our sector, including reducing our waste, opting for green energy and working with our partners to reduce their carbon.

As part of our sustainability and environmental policy, we’ve even set the ambitious goal of becoming truly ‘Carbon Neutral’ by the 1st of May 2024, which we are well on track to achieve.

How is Grayson embracing sustainability?

We already hold ISO14001 for our environmental management systems (EMS) and operate our quality management systems to ISO9001, but we know we can do more.

Within the next 12 months, we’re making some crucial changes which will enable us to be carbon neutral. In fact, we’ve already started implementing some environmentally positive practices.

At the Grayson head office, we’ve installed solar panels to generate our own electricity, and we’ll use this green solar energy to charge our electric vehicles, company fleet vehicles and forklift trucks.

We’re also in the process of taking other climate-friendly steps, all of which align with science-based targets and the UK Government’s targets for Carbon Reduction Planning.

These include:

  • Fitting electric charging points for vehicles
  • Switching our company fleet vehicles to electric (or at least hybrid)
  • Switching to electric forklift trucks
  • Installing electric storage batteries to bank our own electricity
  • Avoiding the use of natural gas-powered heating
  • Working closely with our partners to reduce their own carbon
  • Eliminating environmental waste and embedding recycling

Our actions are being managed under PAS2060, which is the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality. Once our efforts have been audited and verified by an independent third party, we’ll be awarded the prestigious BSI Kitemark™ for carbon neutrality.

It really is an exciting time here at Grayson! Watch this space for updates on our progress or reach out to our team to learn more about our carbon neutrality and ‘Net Zero’ commitments.