Slide Anchors

High strength sliding anchors from Grayson

Available in 8 variations


When sourcing sliding anchors for your next project, it’s essential to find a manufacturer that has considered three core elements: strength, movement, and versatility.

The product must transfer lateral load from the masonry to the primary structure whilst allowing for differential movement. It must also come in a range of fixing styles, stem lengths, and head dimensions to suit your unique project.

At Grayson, we work closely with a leading manufacturer of structural building components who have developed a sliding anchor range that ticks all three of these core element boxes.

Better yet, when ordered directly through Grayson, these high-grade austenitic stainless-steel fixing restraints can be manufactured to your bespoke requirements and quickly delivered to site.


The versatile sliding anchor range


Versatility is at the very core of this sliding anchor range. Not only can all anchors be tied back to both structural steelwork and concrete, but each anchor has also been expertly engineered to suit a slightly different application –


Sliding Anchor Range

Order bespoke, high strength sliding anchors through Grayson for fast on-site delivery


Beyond a range of fixing styles, these sliding anchors also come in various stem lengths. While standard sizes range from 300mm to 650mm, non-standard lengths are also available (as is the option to alter stem head dimensions and hole positions).

To ensure that your anchors suit your unique requirements, simply ask a member of our friendly team about a bespoke anchor design. Thanks to our close working partnership with the manufacturer, even bespoke anchors can be manufactured and delivered to site quickly.


Did you know we supply OWT and TWT ties?


As is standard practice, these sliding anchors are used in conjunction with one-way (OWT) and two-way (TWT) ties which allow vertical movement whilst also providing lateral restraint.

We stock a range of OWT and TWT ties here at Grayson that move up and down the stem to suit the masonry coursing. These ties start at 100mm lengths for the one-way tie, and 200mm for the two-way tie, and increase in 25mm increments.


For further details on this sliding anchor range and supporting OWT and TWT ties, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.