Brick Profiling

Introducing our New and Exclusive Brick Profile

The permanency of modern buildings means that any brickwork must be accurate, which is why Brick Profiles have become an essential part of a building contractor’s toolkit.

After speaking to our customers about their biggest struggles when it comes to finding a suitable Brick Profile, we’ve created a user-friendly and hassle-free profiling tool exclusively for Grayson customers.

This 2.5-metre Brick Profile is made from a lightweight aluminium and has etched markings every 75mm for bricks and 225mm for blocks, so the builder can be sure that their walls will always be level, square, and plumb.

What’s more, the profile is brightly coloured to improve health & safety, you can write your markings on and wipe-clean, and can be easily cut to size on site.


Brick Profiling - Grayson


For more details on our Brick Profile or any other bricklaying products, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.