2000 Range Wall Tie (Type 1)

2000 Range Wall Tie (Type 1)


Super Safe Ends
  • Really smooth rounded edges.
  • Safe holes without cheese-grater effect.
Low Profile Embedment Ends
  • Lowest profile in market place.
  • Products like bed joint reinforcement or mesh can be placed in the cavity at the same time.
Fully Debondable – 2-in-1 Cavity Tie & Movement Tie… One Tie Does It All!
  • The flat embedment ends means this tie is fully debondable, just add the debonding sleeve to transform the tie into a movement tie.
  • Less storage space required on site as one tie can perform 2 jobs. Less wastage of product as ties can be transferred between 2 different applications.
Embedment Markings at 62.5mm
  • Line marked at 62.5mm which is the recommended embedment of a tie.
  • This marking allows checks to be carried out to ensure ties are installed correctly.
Fire Rated Class A1
  • Ideal for non-combustible cavity requirements.
Advanced Water/Moisture Dissipation
  • The new advanced shape of the tie provides advanced moisture dissipation.
325mm & 350mm Available as Standard
  • Long lengths are stocked as standard without requirement for special order.
Type 1 Tie Conforming to PD6697

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Sizes Available

175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 275mm, 300mm, 325mm, 350mm

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ACS Stainless Steel

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