Bed Joint Reinforcement – Stainless Steel

Bed Joint Reinforcement – Stainless Steel


Wire masonry reinforcement designed to strengthen wall panels and improve crack resistance. Suitable for internal and external applications. The flat ladder version is suitable for use with wall ties.

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3.0mm x 60mm (Flat Ladder), 3.0mm x 100mm (Flat Ladder), 3.0mm x 150mm (Flat Ladder), 3.0mm x 175mm (Flat Ladder), 3.5mm x 60mm (Flat Ladder), 3.5mm x 100mm (Flat Ladder), 3.5mm x 150mm (Flat Ladder), 3.5mm x 175mm (Flat Ladder), 4.0mm x 60mm (Flat Ladder), 4.0mm x 100mm (Flat Ladder), 4.0mm x 150mm (Flat Ladder), 4.0mm x 175mm (Flat Ladder), 4.5mm x 60mm (Flat Ladder), 4.5mm x 100mm (Flat Ladder), 4.5mm x 150mm (Flat Ladder), 4.5mm x 175mm (Flat Ladder), 5.0mm x 60mm (Flat Ladder), 5.0mm x 100mm (Flat Ladder), 5.0mm x 150mm (Flat Ladder), 5.0mm x 175mm (Flat Ladder), 3mm x 60mm (Round Ladder), 3mm x 100mm (Round Ladder), 3mm x 150mm (Round Ladder), 3mm x 175mm (Round Ladder), 4mm x 60mm (Round Ladder), 4mm x 100mm (Round Ladder), 4mm x 150mm (Round Ladder), 4mm x 175mm (Round Ladder), 5mm x 60mm (Round Ladder), 5mm x 100mm (Round Ladder), 5mm x 150mm


Stainless steel

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