Brick Profile

Brick Profile


Brightly-coloured 2.5m Brick Profile, complete with etched markings to aid the quick and accurate laying of both bricks and blocks.

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Grayson 2.5m Brick Profile is made from lightweight aluminium and features etched markings spaced at 75mm for bricks and 225mm for blocks.

The profile is brightly coloured, has one clear side to allow site-specific markings to be pencilled on - that can then be wiped clean and can easily be cut to size on site.

  • Made from a lightweight, corrosive-resistant aluminium
  • Easy to use and easy to transport around site
  • Marked up for both bricks and blocks to help ensure accurate bricklaying
  • One plain side allows own markings to be used if required and then wiped clean for re-use
  • Can be cut on-site to any size
  • Suitable for use on both internal and external profiles

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50mm x 50mm x 2500mm


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