• FireBlox™ is a cavity barrier that can be used at the junction of compartment floors, compartment/party walls, and around openings
  • For vertical and horizontal use
  • Tested for use in conjunction with masonry support brackets
  • Tested with SFS systems with calcium silicate fibre cement boards
  • A1 Reaction to Fire
  • No maintenance required after installation


Manufactured from plain stone mineral wool, FireBlox™ provides effective fire resistance for integrity (E) and insulation (I) for up to 120 minutes (EI120) within external cavity walls. The exact level of performance will depend on the orientation of the FireBlox™ and the construction of the external walls.

FireBlox™ is foil encapsulated and available in both cut-to-size pieces to suit the cavity width, and in full slabs. It can also be supplied with integral damp proof course if required to suit your specific project.

This product is designed for use within cavities of up to 600mm wide and requires only 5mm of compression when fitting.

Fireblox is the first and only fire barrier to be tested with sfs

Please see the data sheet below,