HSS Drill Bit

HSS Drill Bit



Rolled high speed, straight shank HSS drill bit for drilling steel, plastic, wood and similar materials.

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Sizes Available

2.0mm (Packet of 10), 2.5mm (Packet of 10), 3.0mm (Packet of 10), 3.2mm (Packet of 10), 3.5mm (Packet of 10), 4.0mm (Packet of 10), 4.5mm (Packet of 10), 5.0mm (Packet of 10), 5.5mm (Packet of 10), 6.0mm (Packet of 10), 6.5mm (Packet of 10), 7.0mm (Packet of 10), 8.0mm (Packet of 10), 10.0mm (Packet of 5), 10.5mm (Packet of 5), 11.0mm (Packet of 5), 12.0mm (Packet of 5), 13.0mm (Packet of 5)

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