Murfor® Compact

Murfor® Compact

Next-generation masonry reinforcement made of sturdy steel cord mesh and interwoven fibreglass roving.

The unique structure and user-friendly size of Murfor Compact not only enhances the strength of your construction, it also optimises your building process and use of materials.


How does it work?
Murfor Compact - How Does It Work - Grayson

Efficient and durable crack control
The sturdy mesh of steel cords has over double the yield strength of ladder type reinforcement, with Murfor Compact E offering 1300 MPa and Murfor Compact I offering 1770 MPa.

Fast and simple installation
Just roll Murfor Compact out onto blocks or bricks and cut it to size; no overlaps required and less material loss in the process. One roll of Murfor Compact has 30m of reinforcement, weighs less than 3kg, about 10 times less than regular masonry reinforcement of the same length. The lightweight rolls are safer to lift, carry and use.

Accomodates any wall width
Murfor Compact can be used for any wall width. The reinforcement is available in two convenient width options that can be easily combined to reinforce any wall width.

Easy to stack and transport
Murfor Compact rolls have low volume, which has several economic and logistical advantages. The rolls are packed in cardboard boxes of 30x30x30 and can easily be stacked so that they take up less space in storage and transport.


Additional information

Options Available

Murfor® Compact I-50, Murfor® Compact I-100, Murfor® Compact E-35, Murfor® Compact E-70

  • Murfor® Compact I for masonry in dry, interior environments
  • Murfor® Compact E for masonry that is exposed to the elements

Size Options:

  • Murfor® Compact I-50 with a wall width of ≤ 130mm
  • Murfor® Compact I-100 with a wall width of > 130mm < 200mm
  • Use 2x Murfor® Compact I-50 with a wall width of ≥ 200mm
  • Murfor® Compact E-35 with a wall width of 65 – 90mm
  • Murfor® Compact E-70 with a wall width of ≥ 100mm


Murfor Compact Product Sheet