Visqueen Axiom Guard

Visqueen Axiom Guard

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Visqueen Axiom Guard is a unique single component polyurethane liquid membrane incorporating an accelerator that cures quickly when in contact with humidity. Visqueen Axiom Guard provides a continuous fully bonded waterproofing coating and excellent weather & UV resistance. Formulated grade for below ground applications. – Visqueen Axiom Guard H+ for horizontal surfaces.- Visqueen Axiom Guard V+ specially formulated for vertical surfaces. Visqueen recommend 2 coats in this application therefore to aid installation we offer 2 colours – white (1st coat) and grey (2nd coat). The use of a two colour system allows the easy identification of any areas that have been missed with the second coat.

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H+ for Horizontal Use (Grey) (15 Kilo), V+ for Vertical Use (White- 1st Coat) (15 Kilo), V+ for Vertical Use (Grey – 2nd Coat) (15 Kilo)

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