Expanding Foam

Protect against wind-driven rain with the BBA approved expanding foam tape

When it comes to sealing window reveals and other construction joints, traditional methods like sealant and backer rods often fail to sufficiently protect against wind-driven rain.

Here at Grayson, proof of performance has always been of the utmost importance to us, which is why we stock only BBA approved expanding foam tape that meets the stringent requirements of DIN standards.

Designed specially for sealing construction joints in buildings up to 100m high, this versatile and vapour permeable tape protects against wind, dust, and driving rain up to 600 Pa (equivalent to wind force 11).


Versatile application


The Grayson expanding foam tape is available in 8 different thicknesses, meaning it can sufficiently seal and protect joints that range from 1mm to 42mm in size.

This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including sealing joints in areas such as:

  • Door and window installations (including skylights)
  • Steel and timber-framed buildings
  • Prefabricated concrete
  • Modular constructions
  • Cladding panels and curtain walling

Once applied, this self-adhesive and pre-compressed foam expands into the cavity gap, creating an effective seal. At 0% compression, it is suitable for debris sealing. At 75% compression, it can protect from 70mph wind-driven rain.


Well-designed means high standards


Despite being designed predominantly as an elastic weather seal, the advantages of the Grayson expanding foam tape extend beyond driving rain protection.


This includes:

  • Fire-resistance – The material is impregnated with fire-resistant polymeric dispersion
  • Warmth and sound – The tape possesses outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics
  • Longevity – Permanent elasticity means a long-term life expectancy

All of these unique design qualities make for a product that complies with the most stringent of requirements, including:

  • DIN 18542 edition 2009 DIN 18055
  • ISO 9001
  • CE-Certified

For more details on our expanding foam tape, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.