Protect your construction site this winter with Hessian Roll and TPS

Freezing temperatures and wet weather can spell disaster for construction sites.

When the tiny fissures in unprotected bricks absorb water and then freeze, this causes pressure to build and larger cracks to form – essentially ruining these materials.

Wasted materials not only means more money spent on replacements but (after months of repeatedly low temperatures and rainfall) it can also leave a damaging effect on your timelines and client relations too.

The Hessian Roll is essential for any construction workers or bricklayers working throughout the winter months, as it can be used to protect new brickwork, mortar, and concrete from harsh weather conditions.

Here at Grayson, we stock 100% natural and biodegradable Hessian Rolls as well as clear Temporary Protective Sheeting (TPS), so you can be sure to help keep your build schedules on track.

Ensure effective protection this winter with Hessian

The benefits of stocking Hessian Roll on your construction site are vast.

  • It offers effective protection by insulating against the cold and reducing the absorption of water and ice
  • It massively reduces the cost and time it would take to replace any damaged materials
  • It’s ideal for both internal and external works
  • It’s easy-to-cut on-site and fully biodegradable

The beauty of Hessian also lies in its versatility. If you overstock in the winter months, excess rolls can be utilised in the summer to protect your mortar from the effects of direct sunlight and humidity.

Did you know we stock TPS too?

Like Hessian, TPS is a temporary protection material suitable for most internal and external applications, from flooring to vertical fixtures and fittings.

Manufactured using 100% recycled LDPE, this durable sheeting can cover large areas and protects against dust, dirt, spillages, and showers.

It is also…

  • Easy-to-cut and tailor-fit
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Ideal for draping, screening, covering or hanging

For more details on our stock of Hessian Rolls or TPS, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.