Brick Cloaks

Stay on schedule whatever the weather: FREE Grayson Brick Cloaks when placing your next stock order

Here at Grayson, we pride ourselves on sourcing and developing only the highest-quality products that make a genuine difference to our clients, and this is certainly one of them…

The Grayson Brick Cloak is an ultra-durable woven brick cover that protects brick stacks from water intrusion, is 100% reusable, and is currently FREE with all site orders.

While covering brick stacks with a muck board is common practice on many sites, this can lead to bricks becoming saturated with rainwater. When this happens, all work must be paused until the bricks dry out.

With the Grayson Brick Cloak, you can keep your bricks dry and your schedule on track in even the most severe weather conditions.


Long Lasting Protection

Made from an ultra-durable woven polypropylene material, the Grayson Brick Cloaks are 100% water resistant. When used to cover brick stacks, these covers:

  • Ensure that bricks do not become saturated with water and mud, meaning less time is wasted waiting for bricks to dry out
  • Reduce the risk of efflorescence, meaning less time is needed to clean bricks that have become discoloured

Not only do these high-quality cloaks help to keep your brickwork standards high and your build time fast, but they can also be reused day in, day out for up to 5 years.


Minimal Maintenance

You’ve already got a multitude of jobs to take care of when on-site, so why add more? Cleaning our Brick Cloaks is quick and easy as they do not react with water, acid, or commonly used detergents. They’re also non-toxic and won’t stain any of your other materials or equipment.

When not in use, these minimal maintenance, lightweight covers can be easily folded away until they’re needed again.


Improved Site Safety

With an increasing number of projects now stipulating that high-visibility covers must be used to protect any brick or stone stored on site, now is the time to move away from easily missed and unreliable muck boards.

The bright green colour of the Grayson Brick Cloak ensures that brick stacks remain highly visible. This is particularly useful as the winter months draw in and the number of daylight hours continues to drop.


Don’t Let Bad Weather Damage Your Progress

Place your brickwork sundry stock order today to receive FREE Brick Cloaks (minimum order applies). This offer runs until the end of November and is subject to availability.

For further details, contact your account manager on 08448 50 40 50.