Are you meeting fire safety building regulations?

Are you meeting fire safety building regulations?

Installation of suitable fire stopping products is essential to minimise the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building. It is vital to follow building regulations to ensure new buildings are safe.

Fire barriers are a mandatory fire protection product to install. They are used to create sections in the building to contain fire – this means that when a fire breaks out, it can be contained in one section for a significant amount of time. This prevents it spreading to other areas of the property or neighbouring buildings. Containing a fire within one section provides more time for anyone in the building to safely escape and also to cause the least damage to the property and its contents.

Correct installation of fire barriers is crucial to ensure sections are completely sealed. Any gaps or misplacement will greatly hinder the product performance and put lives at risk. Fire barriers are particularly important for timber-frame buildings to ensure the combustible frame is protected from fire.

Grayson stock a range of fire protection products to suit your building requirements. Products include cavity stop socks, mastics, cavity closers and fire stop strips all available on next day delivery throughout the UK & Ireland. Contact our sales team on 08448 50 40 50 for more information or to get a free quotation.

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